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“We have been packed since we got here. We're running out of business cards already, almost unprepared with the amount of business we're seeing here. I cannot wait to see what we get as far as return on our investment on this. I would recommend it to anyone in the Chicagoland area. It's been a fantastic show and a great opportunity to expand our business."

Composite Divisions LLC (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"Honestly, it's the best show that we've done all year. It was exciting to see how you were able to bring everybody back from pre-covid numbers to today and we've already booked for next year. Without a doubt one of the best shows I've ever exhibited at!"

Surfacing Solution (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"It's been very worthwhile of our company's efforts. This is my first time here as an exhibitor and it has been very exciting and painless. The New York Build team made it very easy. We met a lot of potential clients. It's one of the best shows we have exhibited at. You get to meet a lot of people from across the industry."

ModernfoldStyles (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"New York Build has been amazing. Out of all the shows we have done in the last year, this has been the best one!"

Acoustiblok Inc (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"This expo has 100 percent given us very good leads we could follow up on. This is the best form of marketing we’ve done so far. We’ve been able to connect with leads that are usually very difficult to get in contact with. We’re definitely coming back next year."

High Exposure (Sydney Build - Exhibitor)

"The workshops were really buzzing. The booths seemed to be very well set up and there were a large number of visitors.''

Olive Media  (Sydney Build - Speaker)

''The Show for us was very successful and a very well-put-together event and we look forward to next year's event.''

Boss Fire  (Sydney Build - Exhibitor)

“Exhibiting at the Sydney Build show was fantastic, Marathon Modular enjoyed the entire show and would like to thank the organizers for the huge part they play in the success of this exhibition”

Marathon Modular (Sydney Build - Exhibitor)

"I just wanted to say to you and the team, great job on an excellent event. I'd been in years before and this one was by far the best. You had great traffic. I was actually surprised. I'm definitely interested in a bigger speaking role next year and I'll exhibit."

Tradie Web Guys (Sydney Build - Speaker)

"The Perfect Hire team and I thought the expo was fantastic. There was a great mix of people walking through and looking at the exhibitions and we have gained a lot of quality leads due to this. We did not hesitate to sign up for the following year when approached to do so."

Perfect Hire  (Sydney Build - Exhibitor)

"Sydney Build allowed me to meet and make contact with people involved across the breadth of the building industry, which will contribute to the ongoing opportunities and growth of my practice."

Bijl Architecture (Sydney Build - Speaker)

"New York Build has been wonderful! We were a little skeptical, we've done a few shows in the past year or two, and they've been okay, but the turnout here has been amazing. It's been all the right people, a lot of decision-makers and the people have been excited I think everyone is happy to be out. We were able to interact and rub elbows again, so it's been really good. It's certainly the best show I've been to in a long time. It's top-notch. It's been great."

FacadesX (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"Wow, this show is really amazing! You make a lot of connections here and you make a lot of business. Personally, from Lion Lion Security, there has been a nice group of customers who have attended. It's a must-come event!"

Live Lion Security (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"We were so, so happy and very grateful that the turnout was amazing! The first day was great and I think the second day may have even taken it to the next level. From the shows we've seen, New York Build is certainly in the lead." (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"I thought this has been very good, well organized. The New York Build team has been very helpful. The traffic has been good, the speakers were great, and they were very informative. We learned a lot about what is going on in New York City. We're so impressed that we've booked again for next year."

Modern Elevator (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"It's been a very busy show! The quality of attendees is really good, certainly what I was looking for. We have already reserved and paid for next year."

Andromeda Access Group (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"I enjoyed London Build, the atmosphere was great and it was packed with interesting people to talk to - the organisation was excellent."

Geospatial Commission (London Build - Attendee)

"London Build was a very good show for us - the perfect mix of content, networking and essentially quality visitors. It was also a fun show with a tangible buzz. And two days is perfect, focussing on visitors and keeping costs low. We re-booked for the next show without hesitation."

Leeuwenburgh Veneers Ltd (London Build - Exhibitor)

“It's a great spot to show off our newest products and get out there and make great connections."

Milwaukee Tool (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"New York Build has been absolutely amazing! There have just been so many people, so much activity. We've done great with leads. This has been the best show in a long, long time."

SMS360 Safety Management Software (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"New York Build was excellent this year! We came back after 2 years and we've had a great turnout and traffic by our booth."

MAPEI (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"New York Build Expo 2023 was an extraordinary exposition that was tremendously well-organized and planned and successfully executed. It brought a level of energy and excitement among businesses and governmental partners that is vital for New York City’s recovery. It offered the kind of networking and relationship building that is key for business success."

NYC HPD (New York Build - Speaker)

The reception of people here, the number of people, the activity has been outstanding. Everything. My favorite thing is seeing the excitement of people sharing the opportunity for business and then saying, Wow, I wish I saw you last year. So better late than never, but we're glad.

Panda Windows & Doors (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"Fantastic, all my fellow sales representatives loved the show. It is so far the best tradeshow I have worked."

Crystal Windows (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"Great networking and educational opportunities were available. A very positive vibe was felt throughout the convention space. Executives with various perspectives were available for discourse."

MTA (New York Build - Speaker)

"Quality moderated content. Easy navigation throughout. Abundant opportunities to connect".

 A1 Roofing (New York Build - Exhibitor)

 “The show has surpassed my expectations, really great traffic, mixed, diverse groups of people.”

Schluter Systems (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"Great networking. Incredible venue/tons of global exhibitors/attendees!".

RMS Enterprises  (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"I have been attending for years. New York Build is a not-to-miss local event. I meet and reconnect with so many great people here every year".

Entech  (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"My experience at the New York Build show was great, I and my team met a lot of great people in the business. We also had the chance to get hands-on with some new products and materials. We already have done business with 3 of the vendors!".

Bonsignore Construction (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"The New York Build Expo 2023 was great for a number of reasons. Firstly being able to connect with friends and colleagues alike together in one place and in a place that was set up for collaboration was awesome. It was also fantastic to see so much excitement about the future of construction in New York and the event was a real representation of the entire industry. Look forward to 2024!"

Turner & Townsend (New York Build - Speaker)

"It was a really good show for us. We've been here since day 1 with you guys and we keep coming back every year. We absolutely love it!"

CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation

"We're definitely exhibiting at the next year's show. New York Build is one of the best shows and we've had lots of interest in our products!"

PS Industries (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"When we first heard about New York Build and all the opportunities that would be here at the Javits Center, we had to seize the opportunity. The best thing about this is, it's our first year here and we've already signed up for next year, ready to go. It's been an awesome event! It's pretty cool to see everyone out and about again. The Javits center is magnificent, the layout here and all the other vendors and all the activities going on, live music. It's been a great experience and everyone in the construction industry attended, it's a great opportunity to come and see how the industry is growing."

Milwaukee Tool (New York Build - Exhibitor)

"The show opened at 9.30am and the team couldn't even take lunch, we had that many people at our stand. We have already booked a bigger and better space for next year."

Quelfire (London Build - Exhibitor)

"If you want to be in construction, you're mad not to be here. With some of the huge construction companies walking around the show, it's invaluable."

KP Acoustics Group (London Build - Exhibitor)

"There's a nice buzz! It's our 4th year at London Build and we have already booked again for next year. By far one of the best exhibitions, I have done in a very long time!"

Campbell Associates (London Build - Exhibitor)

"Most definitely worth attending this event. Very informative, great stands with delegates happy to engage, a great set out and no end of options with regards to variety."

London Borough of Islington (London Build - Attendee)

"The London Build Expo was an amazing exhibition this year. So many visitors from different sectors and such a busy, lively, entertaining and educational event full of the most influential thought leaders. Congrats to the team at Oliver Kinross for creating an exhibition that truly brings together the industry."

Futurium (London Build - Exhibitor)

"The atmosphere is really electric, It's buzzing. We're buzzing to have a bigger stand and even more of an impact next year!"

CCBD Ltd (London Build - Exhibitor)

"It was the busiest first day of any exhibition I’ve ever attended as an exhibitor!"

CPD UK (London Build - Exhibitor)

"We've had literally thousands of people, we're in a great spot with plenty of people passing by. We've booked again for next year and we've booked a bigger stand for next year. Our stand is going to be 4 times the size and that's how much value we get out of the show."

Opportuni (London Build - Exhibitor)

We've generated a lot of leads, met a lot of people that we haven't worked with before, and a lot of companies that we currently work with. So getting to see everybody has been important to us, this morning was fantastic.

ClickSafety (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"It's the first show I have done and I have already booked for next year. It's very engaging and the show itself is fabulous and the organisation is absolutely key. The vibe is just key! London Build has absolutely hit the nail on the head."

Lanes HR (London Build - Exhibitor)

"It's been so busy at our stand, we haven't even had a chance to look around the show."

ARC Building Solutions (London Build - Exhibitor)

"We had a super show. It's been very, very busy. We have had a wide range of customers from building controls, FM and customers of ours. We had an excellent show. It's very good quality. We look forward to exhibiting again. Companies have to be here, it has got every part of the building and construction industry, well worth exhibiting!"

Baldwin Boxall (London Build - Exhibitor)

"Having the opportunity to engage with such a diverse range of stakeholders was so energising and we are super grateful to have had the opportunity to get involved. Congrats on pulling off my favourite industry/trade show so far – we hope to see you there again next year!"

Natural Building Systems (London Build - Exhibitor)

"That was the best show for us this year by far, great work! I appreciate your help and support and patience with members of the PlanRadar team. Personally, this is the flagship event of the year for PlanRadar in the UK and your support is always noticed."

PlanRadar (London Build - Exhibitor)

"Fonn attended a large number of trade shows over the years, London Build was the best-performing show in both years by a considerable margin – Paul Cooper and the team at Oliver Kinross do a stellar job of hosting the event over two days and ensure that we get to see the best people in the construction space. These events provide Fonn with a considerable ROI and will remain our ‘must do’ event for the foreseeable future."

Fonn (London Build - Exhibitor)

"I almost did not attend because of the show being regional and its first time in Chicago, but it was the best show I've been to in my 8 years in sales. I ran out of business cards in the first 4 hours and met many great contacts and decision-makers. I'm now signed up for the Chicago and New York Build shows."

Australian Turntable Company (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"Being an exhibitor at the Chicago Build Expo was the best decision we made this year! We have walked away with a year's worth of valuable contacts. This was incredible". 

C&G Construction Supply (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"Chicago Build was great, well-attended, lots of positive energy. Even day 2 was another well-attended day. Started early and stayed consistent, very diverse crowd, and busy seminar participation. So happy we exhibited. Looking forward to next year!"

Urban Surfaces (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"The most informative and accomplishing trade show I've ever been to. The information received at every booth was viable."

DMC Services (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"The Chicago Build Expo was a fantastic networking opportunity for James Hardie. Bustling crowds and atmosphere made for a great time. Can't wait to be back next year!"

James Hardie Products (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"Out of all the shows I go to, you guys are really the best at communication. You got it going on!"

2-D As-Built (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"After doing trade shows for over 25 years and settling for “the same old” expectations, New York Build and Chicago Build by Oliver Kinross Events came to America ( New York Build in 2018) and they are the best construction shows I have ever been an Exhibitor with or a guest at! Quality leads, knowledgeable speakers and nonstop booth traffic! I cannot wait until London Build in November!"

Surfacing Solutions (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)

"Exhibiting at Chicago Build has given us the opportunity to meet with an abundance of high-quality attendees, unlike any other show we've ever done."

Gree (Chicago Build - Exhibitor)