Oliver Kinross was founded in 2008 as a business events organiser. Oliver Kinross has its headquarters in London and a regional office in Hong Kong. Oliver Kinross specialises in running innovative and highly successful business-to-business (B2B) events in the construction, healthcare, commodities and technology markets.


The Early Years

Oliver Kinross was launched in 2008, just months before the onset of the global financial crisis. Between 2008 and 2014, as the financial crisis caused havoc in many Western markets, Oliver Kinross made its trade by becoming a pioneer in seeking out high-growth and emerging markets around the world in which to operate business events. In addition to operating in Europe and America, we successfully launched events in countries as diverse as: Myanmar, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Ghana, Uganda, Brazil, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Libya, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, to name but a few. 

What Next for Oliver Kinross?

In 2014 Oliver Kinross took the decision to focus on organising large-scale events and exhibitions. Our belief is that the B2B events industry is evolving and that our events must reflect the changing world in which we live. Many of our clients want to see large-scale, multi-dimensional events that are content-rich (high-level conference sessions and workshops), interactive, innovative, entertaining and create real value for the industries they serve.

  • Oliver Kinross is currently developing one of the world's largest, most progressive and innovative portfolios of construction exhibitions (our 'Build' portfolio). This portfolio includes within it exhibitions for the iconic cities of London, New York and Sydney.
  • Oliver Kinross is a passionate believer in the potential of the African continent.  Africa is experiencing unprecedented levels of economic and population growth. By the year 2100, 40% of the world's population will live in Africa. Over the next 5 years, 13 of the world's fastest 20 growing economies will be in Africa. Oliver Kinross specialises in organising highly successful African business events that take place both in Africa and Europe.
  • Disruptive new technologies and innovations gained pace at an astonishing rate in 2016 and continue to impact significantly on our daily lives, the labour market and the ways in which humans communicate and do business with each other. Oliver Kinross has an event portfolio that includes multiple events covering new technology including digital technology, smart cities, the Internet-of-Things, tech and more.


Our Event Format: What to Expect at an Oliver Kinross Event

Oliver Kinross believes there are 3 key elements that are essential for a successful business B2B event in 2017: content, entertainment and networking.

For more information on what to expect at an Oliver Kinross event and our unique event format, please visit the Our Event Format page.