The world's population is growing by nearly 250,000 people every day (net growth rate after deaths have been accounted for). The vast majority of this population growth is in cities. In recent years, the population of the world has become majority urban for the first time, this figure is expected to increase to over 70% in the year's ahead.  In the next 30 years nearly 2.5 billion extra people will live in urban areas. Indeed, the number of world mega-cities (a city with a population over 10m) is expected to increase by a staggering 33% over the next 12 years.

At Oliver Kinross we believe that sustainable urbanisation is key to successful development. Most of our global construction shows are regional shows focusing on cities experiencing significant growth.

Oliver Kinross is very proud to have gained support for our events from an increasing number of world leaders including: The Governor of New York, The Lord Mayor of Sydney, the Mayor of Auckland, the Scottish government and many more.

We hope you too can join us at one of our events.

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