1.     The events arranged by Oliver Kinross Build Ltd will be as described in the relevant Oliver Kinross Build Ltd publication and any subsequent modification of that document. Any other form of discussion or communication concerning the event shall not form part of the contract unless issued as a formal written document by Oliver Kinross Build Ltd or a letter signed by a director of Oliver Kinross.

2.     Oliver Kinross reserves the right to record all telephone conversations for staff training and record purposes.

3.     Payment is due within 5 working days of placing a booking. All prices quoted are net of applicable taxes. Oliver Kinross Ltd reserves the right to charge applicable taxes in addition to the above price. A VAT receipt will be issued on receipt of full payment. Credit card payments may be taken and charged in GBP using the latest conversion rate of the Bank of England. Upon signing this contract, the customer commits to making payment in full. If the customer wishes to cancel before payment has been made, the customer is still obliged to make payment in full and will in turn receive a credit voucher of the equivalent price which will be applicable for 12 months for any Oliver Kinross Build Ltd event.

4.     Cancellations by the customer will be entitled to the following credit provided that full payment has already been made –

i)      More than 90 days before the event – a full credit voucher will be issued

ii)     Between 30 and 90 days before the event – a 50% credit voucher will be issued

iii)   Less than 30 days before the event – no credit voucher will be issued.

5.     The credit voucher may be used towards payment for any other Oliver Kinross Build Ltd event in the following 12 months but will have no other form of cash or refund value and will form the full settlement of any refund due to the customer.

6.     In the event that Oliver Kinross Build Ltd has to cancel or postpone the event then the customer shall be issued with a credit voucher equal to the full value paid by the customer. The credit voucher will have no other form of cash or refund value and will form the full settlement of any refund or reimbursement due by Oliver Kinross Build Ltd to the customer.

7.     All aspects of the event as indicated in Oliver Kinross Build Ltd literature are indicative only and are subject to variation up to the start of the event. Therefore any aspect of the event including location, content, timetable, dates, event duration, speakers, lecture titles and subject matter may be varied at any time. Customers are invited to contact Oliver Kinross at any time for updated and specific details of the event.

8.     Events will be located in suitable conference facilities within hotels, conference halls and other such establishments. As the event organiser Oliver Kinross Build Ltd will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that such premises are suitable and appropriate for such events but shall have no liability for any accident, inconvenience, theft, loss, damage, non-availability of facilities or any other difficulty or loss at such event where this is beyond the reasonable control of Oliver Kinross Ltd.

9.     The customer is wholly responsible for booking and paying for all travel, accommodation, meals and other services associated with his / her attendance at an event. Any meals or refreshments are only included within the event fee if specifically listed on the event booking form.

10.  Under no circumstances shall Oliver Kinross Build Ltd be liable for any expenses incurred by the customer even if the event is cancelled, postponed or modified in anyway. In all situations it is agreed that the customer will only book such services where the customer has the right and ability to cancel these services without cost or penalty and where the customer retains and accepts the full ability and responsibility to do so.

11.  Oliver Kinross shall have no liability whatsoever for any indirect costs or expenses or any consequential losses howsoever incurred by the customer in any circumstances including, for example, lost profits, lost revenues, lost business opportunity, lost goodwill.

12.  Oliver Kinross acts as organiser and co-ordinator of the event but does not itself produce or present the course content. As such, Oliver Kinross will sub-contract all presentation duties and the preparation of all course materials but accepts no liability for the acts or omissions of it sub-contractors or for any aspect of the information, views or data presented at any event.

13.  Data Protection. The customer agrees that Oliver Kinross Build Ltd may retain data about the customer in both computer and paper form and use such data to contact the customer with information about future events and pass such data to sponsors who attend Oliver Kinross Build Ltd events. Oliver Kinross Build Ltd agrees that it will not pass customer data to any other third party unless required to do so by law and will cease informing the customer of future events on receipt of request from the customer.

14.  Force Majeure. Under no circumstances shall Oliver Kinross Build Ltd have any liability for any act, loss, damage, expense, mistake, omission or other event which is outside its reasonable control.

15.  Severability. If any term is held to be invalid or unenforceable then that shall not prevent the remainder of this agreement from remaining valid.

16.  Governing law. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England.

17.  Should any applicable sanctions, legislation or bank regulations prohibit this event or make its operation impractical then Oliver Kinross Build Ltd reserves the right to relocate the event to another country or region as appropriate.