An Introduction to Oliver Kinross

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Oliver Kinross is a high-growth business media companies – specialising in conferences, exhibitions and B2B events.

Oliver Kinross was founded in January 2008 with the aim of delivering high quality training, business intelligence and networking opportunities for industry. This is achieved through a portfolio of Conferences, Summits, Exhibitions and Training Workshops attended by many of the world’s largest organisations. The main industries in which Oliver Kinross operates are: energy & utilities, oil & Gas, construction, healthcare, fitness & well-being and international development.

Since 2008 Oliver Kinross has a track-record of running successful, market leading events. It attributes this success to a combination of factors, including: the pursuit of running events in the world’s fastest growth & frontier markets, a commitment to ensuring all events are of the highest quality, and a belief that its staff are its greatest asset.

A Commitment to Quality

Oliver Kinross has developed a strong reputation as being a provider of high quality business intelligence, conferences and events. Oliver Kinross is able to ensure this high quality is achieved for all its events by following a number of core beliefs and principles. Namely that all events are well-attended (with provisions in place to ensure minimum guaranteed numbers); all events have a high calibre speaker line-up (consisting of government ministers and business leaders from the world’s market leading organisations); all events take place in world class venues; all events are research led and content driven ensuring they reflect the very latest market trends and developments. All these factors combined have allowed Oliver Kinross to enjoy a high retention rate among its clients, with high numbers of attendees returning to Oliver Kinross events year upon year.



All Oliver Kinross events have extensive networking systems and opportunities integrated within them to create a forum where business can flourish. Extensive networking opportunities are created through a unique mixture of social functions, one-on-one meetings, delegate entertainment, networking areas and on-site support from networking facilitation managers. In recent years networking events that have been integrated within Oliver Kinross conferences and summits have included nighttime boat cruises across the Bosphorus in Turkey taking delegates from ‘Europe to Asia and back’, pre-conference Safari Networking Days in Kenya allowing international delegates to network and bond over the beauty of the Kenyan wildlife and terrain, networking dinners with the transitional Libyan government, cocktail parties overlooking Table Mountain in South Africa, nighttime networking boat cruises down the Thames river in London, plus much more!

Company Growth

Since its formation 2008, Oliver Kinross has grown from a small company running European conferences in the traded energy/commodity markets, to an internationally operating organisation running business events in 6 continents across a multitude of industry sectors. Oliver Kinross pursues a policy of achieving year-on-year growth through both geographical expansion and the identification of diverse, fast growth markets in which to host corporate events.

In early 2012 Oliver Kinross formed a registered company in South Africa in order to accommodate it’s continued expansion in the African continent. In March 2013 Oliver Kinross opened an office in Hong Kong from which Oliver Kinross Asia Pacific is based. Oliver Kinross currently holds plans to open offices in the Middle East and the Americas.